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The lost life of Mary Antoniette Acedo

Sometimes I am sitting in front of my box and are supposed to work for a few hours but a headline pops up in my newsfeed and I am disturbed, unable to focus on my work.

Exactly that happened this morning. An one month old headline came up again. As I was just about to start modifying pictures of a beauty contest it was a weird coincident. The headline was about Mary Antoniette Acedo who died in a hospital from an overdose of slimming pills just before the coronation night of Miss Dapitan 2015. read more

Ignorant Alien Asholes – We put you in your place

Another great chapter of Dumaguete Journalism at its best and the level of intelligence you can expect here everywhere.

Real World scenario:

Two people have a small traffic accident but with rather costly damage and it is not clear whose fault it is. So police is called takes some pictures and other evidence, then clears the street and usually insurances taking over the costs (at least partially). read more

Brigada Eskwela in Dumaguete

Brigada Eskwela is the name of a maintenance week in the public schools in the Philippines at the end of the summer holiday, where teacher, parents, kids and officials organize themselves to do whatever is needed to start the new school year. With my friends from the Thursday Club in Dumaguete we decided earlier this year to support the Elementary School in Candau Ay. read more

Singapore Zoo – Visa Run Part IV

We decided our second full day in Singapore will be spend in the Zoo. The Singapore Zoo is considered widely as the best rainforest zoo worldwide, as the best is just good enough, that was the place to go. We figured out our route with MRT and Bus, which would take us about one to 1 ½ hours going there. The Singapore Zoo is a northeast of Geylang at the upper water reservoir and we would need to change MRT and Bus a few times. read more

Bais – Dolphin Watching Trip vs Brownout in Dumaguete

My little monster had birthday on Saturday and I was thinking, like at each whatever-celebration, where one has to give presents, what to give her. Earlier that week I followed several discussions on about outstanding tourist destinations in Negros, that Bais is basically worthier than any other place in the world and a guy who is in Valencia, writes advertising for Bais on the Forum mentioned above but  stated: read more

Dumaguete Toastmasters in Bacolod

Dumaguete Toastmasters

Sunrise over Bais

I am member of the new formed Dumaguete Toastmasters and we were invited to visit a speech contest in Bacolod. For those who are not familiar what Toastmasters are, a few words to explain.

What are Toastmasters

Toastmaster International is organization to develop speaking and leadership skills organized in 13,000 clubs with more than 260,000 members worldwide.  One of that club was recently founded in Dumaguete. read more

Catlin SeaView Survey

The Catlin SeaView Survey is a new launched scientific survey about the status of our coral reefs. The Survey is the first comprehensive study about the composition and health of our reef system to a depth of 100 meter.

The Catlin Seaview Survey is first and foremost an important scientific expedition. It aims to carry out the first comprehensive study to document the composition and health of coral reefs on the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea across an unprecedented depth range (0-100m) – addressing a series of important questions regarding the changes associated with the rapidly warming and acidifying oceans. read more

White Beach – Moalboal

White Beach Moalboal

While my friends went to Oslob to see the Whale Sharks, Rechel and I went on Valentines day to the White Beach around a 10 minute drive from Tipolo Resort on Moalboal‘s Panagsama Beach to the north.

My original plan was to go to Pescador Island for some SCUBA diving which got destroyed by a swollen jaw and bad toothache when I woke up, but that White Beach trip turned out to be a perfect substitute with a lot of quality time with Rechel. read more

Florentina Homes Hotel – Dumaguete

Florentina Homes in Dumaguete is always a great place for me to visit and have a shake and a bite to eat. My two monsters love it and don’t get bored as there is so much to look at, what keeps them busy all the time. Gabby’s Bistro at Florentina Homes is a meeting point for many locals when bonding and having dinner before a night out and also very well frequented by foreigners and tourists, despite the location, which is a bit off the track. read more

A weekend at Charisma Beach Resort in Siquijor

After our 5-Star experience with Delta Ferries Kim, M&M and I finally arrived in Larena on Siquijor where the driver of Charisma Beach Resort was waiting and took us the last 30 minutes to the resort. It was dark already, so we did not see anything of the praised sunset. read more