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Rush Sale vs Lowest Price

I am struggling to understand some prices and announcements here. I am aware that one does not need to pay the prices announced at most places other than groceries and supermarkets. Many times you simply say that the other job has it cheaper, and the salesperson goes down with the price… at least when the person somehow does his/her job. That has to be said, because many here need a job, but they actually don’t do the job. Of course the employer is the bad person when firing them. read more

52 Minutes for a Sorry Siiiirrr

It is not really a secret that many people in this country I reside at present are overwhelmed with the challenges every day puts in their path.  And let’s be honest, with an average IQ of only 86 it is 3rd grader math that half of the population is in the area what was in the 1980th still considered something like “borderline retard”. Of course, that is a term which is not politically correct nowadays, so let’s call them people with special needs or people who need special attention. read more

Was Eve the first transgender woman?

It is a rainy day and I can’t really focus on my work. My mind goes to many million topics and weird thoughts. One of them was if Eve, you know the mother of all inbreeding, was the actually the first transgender woman in our planet.

You may wonder why is that?

Well, let me explain. I spend this period of my life in the middle of people who would not wait a split-second to cheat on each and everything and tell really stupid lies for the benefit of a hand-full of rice but claim that they are the most religious and god-fearing people ever walked this planet.  So basically, one gets confronted with their church and prayer nonsense anytime of the day and night as soon one gets in touch with them. read more

Pasta King Dumaguete – Bring your own Beer

After 2 years or so and a not so good experience at this place, my missus asked to give it another chance. Back then their Gnocchi was the only dish I really liked. However, it appeared that the cook there (certainly can’t call it chef) is on the lazy side of the employee scale, as miraculously they “just served the last portion” and are out of stock. I even called Pasta King multiple times. Even 30 minutes after opening: “sorry, out of stock”. read more

Thanks for the Blisters, Google Maps

Just went on a quick trip to KL in Malaysia. My purpose was actually to find some electronic stuff for my camera which is either not available in the Philippines or simply incredibly expensive. It is actually cheaper to fly out, buy the stuff and come back than buying it in the Philippines. I only had 2 days to find and get my stuff. Additional I wanted to see some places. read more

3 Days in Singapore

After the first day in the Marina Bay area and a more or less good night of sleep, we got up around 7am to have a shower and hit the road again. Breakfast was at one of the many Indian street kitchens in the neighborhood. I simply love some different kind of their breads and as many dips as possible. I struggle a bit with their sweet coffee, However, it is a nice companion to the spicy dips. read more

Singapore in 3 days

It was time to pack my Missus after a year of hard work and go somewhere for a few days simply to get out to a place where things are actually working, where there is no “Sorry, maybe next week” and without stupid excuses day-in and day-out. Well, there are not many places in the world, where things run as smooth and flawless as in Singapore. read more

State Oriental Negros – August 2016

Everybody was waiting for the first SONA 2016 of the new elected President Duterte. Well, he really said nothing unexpected, between the “I kill you” statements there were some goals where one just can hope they work out fine. Well, this SONA 2016 here is something different. It is the State Oriental Negros – August 2016. read more

Rock in Vienna – Day 1

If two of your three favorite bands are headlining a 3-day festival like it happened at Rock in Vienna 2016, there is no other reason needed to fly around the half world to see them.  The three days had a cool line-up which fitted me perfect. Headliners of Rock in Vienna 2016 were Rammstein, Iggy Pop and Iron Maiden.  As I could not care less about Iggy Pop and actually all the other Bands on the second day, I had a great day of sightseeing. read more

Bullet Scam – Or just Stupid

It is in the international media and another “more fun” occurrence. The Bullet Scam at the Manila Airport. Now as we all know that many here don’t miss out any chance to steal, extort or “make” a peso or two, planting bullets is something new on my list.
Then again, below is also an example that people here are really often extremely ignorant, when it comes to laws and regulation. read more